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2 modules / 6 months each
K.C.S.E C minus (C-) KNEC

Associate in Procurement and Supply of Kenya (APS-K)

The course is intended to equip the learners with knowledge, practical skills and attitudes that will enable them to administer procurement and supply functions in an organization. A graduate of this course will be able to work as a salaried employee or in self-employment.

To achieve this objective, units such as Law; Communication, ICT and Office Management; Quantitative Skills and Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics have been included, in addition to the core units.


Documents required when applying for registration (in duplicate):

  • Duly filled Registration and/or Examination forms.
  • Certified copies of certificates
  • Copies of identification document e.g. ID card, Passport, Waiting Slip or Birth Certificate
  • 2 Passport size photograph
  • Legal documents such as Marriage Certificates supporting change of names where applicable

This should be submitted at the Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM) before admission at the college. 


NB: To qualify for classes and exams, a potential student needs to handle their Membership & Exam Registration directly with KISM/KASNEB

Once registered, apply online via the Apply Now button and present your printed application letter together with your registration forms from KISM/KASNEB at the College of Human Resource Management at Ufundi Coop Plaza, 4th Floor.

A non-refundable Application fee of Kshs1,000/- is applicable before any application can be processed. Deposits are done via a direct deposit into the following bank account.

(NB: No Cash payments accepted.)

The Associate in Procurement and Supply is packaged into two (2) Levels namely:

  • 1.0 Associate in Procurement and Supply Level I - (6 Months)
  • 2.0 Associate in Procurement and Supply Level II - (6 Months)

The course is concerned with the implementation of procurement and supply policies/procedures/strategies and solving related challenges in a dynamic environment.


Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, the learners should be able to:

  • Understand the role played by the Procurement and Supply department in an organization
  • Communicate effectively when carrying out Supply Chain Management activities
  • Appreciate the impact of the environment in the purchasing and supply function.
  • Recognize and apply ICT skills in supply chain management. 
  • Appreciate the emerging trends and issues in procurement and supply management



The course is designed to be covered in 500 hours (1 year).



  • Principles of Procurement and Supply
  • Supply Markets
  • Introduction to Business Law
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics


  • Stores and Distribution
  • Procurement and Supply Relationships
  • Contract Administration
  • Quantitative Skills
  • Communication and Office Management

Entry Requirements:

A person seeking to be registered as a student for the APS examination must show evidence of being a holder of one of the following qualifications:

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination with mean grade of C minus (C-);
  • Equivalent qualifications as determined by Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM)

Issuing of Certificate:

A certificate will be issued once the candidate has completed Levels I and II successfully. The candidates earn the title Associate in Procurement and Supply of Kenya (APS-K) upon completion.


Banking Details

Kenya Commercial Bank  – Biashara street  Branch,

Account No. 1180194667

In favor of : College of Human Resource Management (CHRM).



Lipa na Mpesa, Pay Bill - Business Number 522123, Account No. 80295KYourName (Max 16 Characters) - e.g 80295KJaneDoe


  • COURSE TYPE: Academic
  • COURSE LEVEL: Certificate
  • COURSE DURATION: 2 modules / 6 months each


  • SUNRISE 6.30 am - 8.30 am Weekday Daily
  • FULLDAY 8.30 am - 4.30 pm Weekday Daily/Saturdays
  • EVENING 5.30 am - 8.30 pm Evening Daily and class on Saturday
  • COMBINE 5.30 pm - 8.30 pm Mon/Wed/Fri Evenings & Saturday Mornings
  • SATURDAY 8.30 am - 5.00 pm Every Saturday - whole day


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