WHERE                               :                Sarova Whitesands Hotel - Mombasa

WHEN                                 :                Wednesday 14th – Friday 16th March 2018

THEME                                :                The “H” in Human Resource: Boosting Productivity! #PuttingPeopleFirst

YOUR INVESTMENT            :                 KSH.50 000/= (Incl. VAT) Non -Residential

CPD POINTS                        :                 6 CPD POINTS (FOR ALL IHRM MEMBERS)



  • An Opportunity to iron out difficult challenges at the workplace related to the Human Capital !!
  • Gain Insights from Experienced Industry Speakers !!
  • Learn from Relevant and recent case studies from both the Public and Private sectors !!
  • Moderate and a worth Investment !!
  • Catch up and Network with Fellow Professional Colleagues !!



If you want to know how “Human” an organization is, look at the way they do ‘layoffs’, ‘downsizing’, rightsizing’, ‘separations’ (sacking, retirements, etc).  Should HR do more than just redesign contracts, discover how to add value, become a strategic partner, align people with capital and business priorities more effectively, etc.? In some cases HR is given challenges it alone cannot fix, for example, improving an organization culture. The issues are of course real but then again, HR is saddled with a lot of compliance responsibilities, many of which are not of its own making or liking.

Many organizations will spend endless sums of money to attract, develop and retain talent.  However, the best talent in the world will only consider working for, or engaging with organisations that are or are working towards being totally HUMAN.  Indeed, even customers will always be drawn to organisations or businesses that are perceived to be HUMAN.  The solution is actually very simple, and in itself sensible: make HR the chief advocates of humanity in our organizations – Let’s put the “Human” aspect back in Human Resource Management !!

So how does an organization ensure that it is totally HUMAN?

  1. Being fierce proponents of the value of the human spirit.
  2. Being tireless champions of trust and transparency.
  3. Being fearless eradicators of stupid rules and low-value processes


Time then has come when business must begin to think of people as human beings and not as just another factor of production or resource. Needless to say, businesses must think of maximizing their profits and profitability, but there is an urgent need to move away from this as the primary focus but instead zero in on how they can help people to achieve their highest potential and purpose.

This can be achieved through various ways that is readily available and known to the HR Professionals, by ensuring that the following is taken care of:

  • Fair compensation and benefits to all as well as job security
  • Diversity and inclusivity mainstreaming – equal opportunities to all irrespective of their backgrounds and circumstances
  • Work-life balance – helping to bring employees’ whole to the work place
  • An environment that encourages innovation and creativity
  • Work is not a necessary burden but Fun and engaging
  • A Safe and secure working environment



The College of Human Resource Management (CHRM) will be hosting the first of its HR Summits in March this year whose theme is The “H” in Human Resource – Boosting Productivity!!!   The HR summit has been prepared with the HR Practitioners in mind with a view to exploring how best to maximise productivity and profits in their respective businesses by relooking at how they are managing their employees in a “HUMAN” way. 

Therefore the objectives of the Summit will be:

  1. To create and catalyze an environment of “Humanity” at the workplaces;
  2. To explore ways of incorporating well-planned and well executed diversity programs to improve workforce diversity and inclusion;
  3. To investigate and appreciate the relationship between aesthetics and productivity;
  4. To explore ways of getting employees more engaged by seeing their workplace as the fun place to be;
  5. To discuss and examine ways of ensuring that the work environment is safe and secure for employees;
  6. To network and converse with fellow professionals;



  • All HR Professionals, Supervisors, CEOs, and all those who manage employees at the work place;

These will be drawn from Multinationals & NGO’s Heads of HR, County Heads of HR, Public Sector HR Professionals, Lead Consultants-HR Firms, Recruitment Agencies, Heads of Learning Institutions, Team Leaders/Supervisors, SMEs Heads and Business Leaders.


We look forward to hosting you once again! Please find the Registration / Nomination Form on the downloads section for your completion and revert back with a filled and siged copy as well as a commitment investment to reserve your seat. 


Contact Miss Aisha Abubakar through trainings@chrm.or.ke or call 0727 792 122 / 0718 781 513 for more information! 


We look forward to meeting you there!!

Kind regards, 

Margaret K. Kinyanjui/Principal-CHRM College

Downloads Available Below

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