5th HR Summit


5th HR Summit

DATES:   13th – 15th March 2019 – Non-Residential

TIME:    08.30am – 4.30pm  

COST:   Ksh.50 000/= (VAT Excl.)



THEME : ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI): Future-proofing the Workforce

Come get inspired by the very latest disruptive and mind-blowing ideas around data, automation, AI and machine learning from some truly innovative businesses and organizations in Kenya. You will not only learn about various game-changing digital HR initiatives but will also learn the step-by-step process of putting these ideas into practice!!


AI is nothing new and has been talked about for quite some time. What is new however, is the possible disruption it can bring to the HR space; having the potential to shake-up the standard HR business model. 

To truly understand what AI is, though, one needs to appreciate the jargon that's thrown around out there right now. For instance, it’s important to understand that AI is not the same as machine learning; despite the fact it's regularly used as a synonym for it. The chief difference to remember is that machine learning is simply a process by which a computer can learn a skill, whereas artificial intelligence refers to a computer that can "think" for itself without being programmed to do so.

In a report done in 2018 by Deloitte on Human Capital Trends, it was revealed that the adoption of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating dramatically.  It further intimated that centralized shared services are likely to be the first HR area in which “robots”—or robotic process automation (RPA)—will replace human labor.  The influence of AI has already been seen in the arena of recruitment for example in video interviewing. It is however believed that AI will continue to support HR roles where clear-cut polices and processes need to be applied, such as candidate screening and recruitment.  However, the real benefit of using more artificial intelligence is that our human leaders can put more time into bringing more of their emotional intelligence to their role. Something we are still sorely lacking. It’s a time to let the computers do what they do best and let the humans do what we do best.

Today HR greatly revolves around data, such as workforce assessments, optimization of work flows, screening, talent tracking and applications. With AI, these can now be managed through predictive analysis and automation. No more data entry. No more sifting or sorting. HR professionals can now let the machines complete the administrative tasks and we can focus more on putting the “human” back in human resources. This allows HR’s role to evolve with a new focus on business, people and strategy.


The College of Human Resource Management (CHRM) will be hosting its 5th HR Summit in March this year whose theme is ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) – Future-proofing the Workforce

The HR summit has been prepared with the HR Practitioners in mind with a view to exploring how best to embrace AI with a view to future-proofing their workforce.

Therefore the objectives of the Summit will be:

  1. To understand digital transformation and AI and their impact on careers tomorrow.;
  2. To discuss the need for HR professionals to understand the top skills that will be required in the future and the need to radically retool their talent;
  3. To investigate and discuss ways of how best HR can embrace AI with a view to meeting organizational goals and objectives;
  4. To share best practice with market leaders in AI;


  1. All HR Professionals, Heads of Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Firms/Consultancies, CEOs, Heads of SMEs

These will be drawn from Multinationals & NGO’s Heads of HR, County Heads of HR, Public Sector HR Professionals, Lead Consultants-HR Firms, Recruitment Agencies, Heads of Learning Institutions, Team Leaders/Supervisors, SMEs Heads and Business Leaders.


  • Recruitment in the AI era: Retooling Talent
  • Predictive Analytics & Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Its Disruptions
  • The state of HR Analytics in Kenya: Survey Results from 150 Organisations
  • Best Practices with market Leaders

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