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Wednesday 5th January 2022 to Wednesday 5th January 2022


The Event
Programme Objectives
 Start Date
Wednesday 5th January 2022
 End Date
Wednesday 5th January 2022
 Town & Venue
Watamu, Hemingways

Boards often spend too much of their time evaluating the past and too little time planning for the future. Critical to the future success of any organization are issues such as talent management, succession planning, and executive compensation. Human Resource and compensation committees need to find new ways to align executive pay to business strategy with a focus on driving long-term performance, corporate profitability, and employee satisfaction. Effective human resource policies and practices are key to an organization’s ability to create value and deliver strategic priorities. When the COVID_19 pandemic struck, most organizations were caught flat-footed and had to make adjustments on the go.

The function of Human Resources was at the forefront and had to be very innovative in managing organizational talent, redesign work plans and keep the workforce engaged, productive, and resilient. The Human Resource Leads have had to engage new gears and strategies, navigate through crisis and risk management, identify critical services and talent, communication, and other safety protocols.

This programme will look at:

  • How the HR function has had to review its operations and priorities and ways in which the board should align its HR strategies in times of pandemics and unforeseen emergencies.
  • It must review the kind of talent required, how to acquire, deploy, manage, develop and compensate it as well as new perspectives.

This programme is designed specifically for Board Members, CEOs, and Heads of Human Resources. It provides insight into the role of the Board Human Resources and Compensation Committee and its critical importance to the organization.

The program examines the Committee's strategic priorities, planning activities, governance mandates, and its ability to create organizational value in the new world of work.

Program participants learn best practices and the importance of aligning an organization's human resources, processes, and culture to its business strategy and performance in the new normal.

Programme Objectives

Participants will learn how to:

  • Align human resource strategies to the COVID-19 environment.
  • Make decisions with a deeper knowledge of the relationships among compensation plans, employee motivation, and long-term value creation 
  • Effectively manage CEO succession planning 
  • Gain and utilize insights into the relationships between Board Directors and HR Executives
  • Better understand the Board’s role and value in talent management
  • Better Understand what CEOs really expect from the Human Resource
  • Balance competing imperatives to attract and retain key executives, adhere to new governmental rules and navigate public sentiment

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