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Human Resource Management and Business Consultancy

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Human Resource Management and Business Consultancy

General objective

To develop ability to diagnose Business/HR problems and provide solutions to such problems. The learner should be able to effectively undertake consulting assignments in organizations.


Specific objectives 

At the end of this course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Understand the process of consulting and develop effective consulting skills and competencies.
  2. Develop personal consultancy qualities through use of case studies and practical experience. 


Mode of study: 8 Half Saturdays or Evening Classes.


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Course content

Introduction to Business Consulting

  • Meaning of consultancy
  • Features of consultancy
  • Why consultants are used
  • External and Internal Consulting
  • The Consultants’ Role
  • Types of Management Consulting project
  • How Consultants add value to organizations.
  • Essential qualities of an effective consultant

The Consultant - Client relationship

  • Who is a client?
  • Creating and maintaining Sound Relations
  • Joint Problem Definition
  • Working Relations during the Assignment
  • Roles of Consultant and Client
  • Why client relationships fail

 Management Consulting as a Profession

  • Key aspects of Professionalism in Consulting
  • Success of Assignments
  • The Clients’ Contribution to Consulting Ethics
  • Competences, Skills and Professional Development
  • Training and Development of Consultants.

Why Business Consultants are used

  • How Consultants are used
  • Consultancy and change
  • Reasons for Change Resistance
  • How to deal with resistance to change
  • Organization Development interventions.

The consulting process

  • Phase I:   Entry/proposal development
  • Phase II: Diagnosis
  • Phase III: Action Planning
  • Phase IV: Implementation
  • Phase V: Termination
  • Phase VI: Follow – up


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