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Executive Diploma in Corporate Leadership

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Executive Diploma in Corporate Leadership

This program is not your usual leadership training series, but a transformational engagement designed to equip you to take up leadership responsibility as a supervisor, manager, and corporate leader. This intensive program draws on first-hand corporate experience, professional technique, and academic theory to provide you with engaging personal development exercises that enable you to examine and challenge the way you think and act as a leader in the 21st Century. The leadership principles, models, and practices you will acquire through this engaging course are applicable in all spheres of personal and social life and enable you to lead effectively in a global world. By choosing the Executive Diploma in Corporate Leadership you have made a valuable investment in your personal career growth.

21st Century leadership

The 21st Century has redefined the expectations of leaders in corporate business, nonprofits, government, and politics the world over. The disruptive environment has made long-term planning impractical while the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed paradigms such as health concerns, social distancing, and logistical restrictions that have disrupted trade and are re-defining how the corporate world does business in the foreseeable future. Online and digital transformation are driving change and organizations need leaders who can navigate this environment and lead transformation initiatives. It is in these conditions that the Next Generation Corporate Leaders are expected to operate and develop the personal discipline to excel. NGCL Programs empower leaders with courage, confidence, competence, and character to be the leaders the corporate world needs.

Online Cohort

The flexible online cohort option is designed around an intensive guided reading and structures online interaction that calls for ethical commitment and personal discipline to spur and inspire personal development and practical implement program learning in the workspace. On-line seminars, intensive readings, participant networking, and assignments covered each week blend practical learning with online networking. The cohort is run on a rolling enrollment limited to 16 participants per cohort. Download the course brochure for more info.

NB: IHRM members earn 5 CPD Points.


Course fees 600USD for regional participants and Kshs 50,000/= for in-country participant’s, payable to the COLLEGE Of HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, Nairobi Kenya



Online assignment/project-based learning


Cohort based enrollment (Monthly)

Organization groups (company in-house arrangements)

About The Course

The 8-week NGCL program leading to the award of the Executive Diploma in Corporate Leadership is designed and developed by MANAGEMENT DECISION INFORMATION and delivered at the COLLEGE OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (CHRM). MDI has over two decades of experience in training supervisors, managers, and business leaders in the corporate environment while CHRM has vast experience in training professionals pursuing careers in a dynamic corporate environment. The course blends practical industry skills and cutting-edge leadership theory to create a transformative personalized learning experience.


The eight-module course is designed to fit into the schedules of busy corporate executives who make time to pursue their personal development.


  • Clarifies the understanding of leadership as a personal, interpersonal and social responsibility.
  • Examines the changing role, expectations, competencies, agility, and value addition of a leader in the corporate environment.
  • Explores the global trends and disruptive challenges leaders must navigate in the 21st Century such as digital transformation, transforming workspace, diversity, and the impact of the COVID-19 on leadership roles
  • Examines the entrepreneurial role of the leader as a transformative agent, leader of innovation, and change as well as the apex role of the CEO role in leading strategic organization development, sustainability and success.
  • Inspire continuous learning and personal development among learners as participants prepare to take up leadership roles with confidence, courage, competence, and character.


  • Developing You – The Leader!
  • The four circles of leadership
  • The evolving corporation
  • Teamwork & Networking
  • Transformative leadership
  • Digital transformation
  • 21st Century Leadership challenges
  • The Apex role of the CEO


Register for a FREE online pre-course seminar to gain insight on the course to discuss your expectations and confirm participation logistics and payment plans. Kindly download the registration form under the downloads section and submit it via trainings@chrm.or.ke for MDIs action.


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