Our Trainings

The College of Human Resource Management (CHRM) provides executive leadership growth through essentials, OSHA compliance, and WIBA training programs. They offer in-house HR consultancy, management development, and tailored training solutions. CHRM hosts certified mediation programs, youth HR summits, HRIS seminars, and annual employee relations symposiums. As a premier human resources hub, CHRM offers advanced training and professional development opportunities. Their premier hub provides the latest HR practices for organizations seeking to develop their workforce.

Executive Trainings

Enhance your skills with CHRM’s executive programs in administration, OSHA, and Work Injury Benefits Act training

In-House Trainings

Join industry events like the Professional Mediator Certification Program, HR Youth Summit, and more.

Summits & Symposiums

CHRM offers tailored in-house solutions, including HR for Non-HR Managers and business advisory services.

PHRC-Premier Hub

Explore premier hub programs at CHRM for professional development and specialized training

College of Human Resource Management
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