Why join CHRM?

Other than being an affiliate of the Institute of the Human Resource Management (IHRM), CHRM also:

  • Sources modern Hostels for its registered students - Interested students will liaise with our student services office for assistance in securing accommodation at a fee with selected facilities.
  • Has an Award winning, Modern and well stocked Library - The library has a rich and diverse collection of books and academic resources to enhance research and knowledge/information gathering.
  • Facilitates fun indoor and outdoor activities - students can engage in indoor games at the students lounge as well as interesting field activities such as swimming and ball games
  • Has a placement's office that assists in Internship placements & linkage with mentors - after successful completion of the coursework as well as the internship and mentorship program, qualified CHRM students are assisted in securing attachments or internship opportunities.
  • Offers High speed internet/WIFI within the campus - this is open for use in research and other academic purposes.
  • Has easily accessible campuses located within the CBD(Nairobi) and are also in Mombasa and Nakuru
  • Has a blend of Academia and Industry recognized faculty- Our tutors are experienced and committed to ensure quality delivery of the stipulated curriculum and complete the syllubus in good time.
  • Has a well-equipped computer lab - This is open to all students undertaking ICT related and other programs
  • Allows for Financial aid to Salaried CHRP students through HELB.
  • Offers Quality customer service while handling all queries.


Join us for the May, July and September intakes currently ongoing for your Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma or CHRP for Human Resource Management or Certificate & Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Marketing (MSK), CPA, CS and ICT certifications and many more.

For the distance learning option, enroll for any of the CIC-UK certifications.

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