Theme:         Leveraging on Talent Trends for Organization Agility & Productivity

Dates:         6th – 8th November, 2019

Background Information:

This 3rd CHRM/CHRMAA Talent Summit will endeavor to delve into how Business Leaders and HR Practitioners can leverage on Talent Trends for Organization Agility & Productivity with the Bottom line in mind while keeping in touch with the latest trends especially in the ever dynamic technological advances. The HR space, and in particular Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, has been invaded with emerging trends that has resulted in serious disruption in the workplace.
All the traditional talent acquisition and management models, tried and tested, are no longer working in the current workplaces. This therefore calls for organisations to enhance their agility capabilities in the way they navigate through new trends if they have to realise their productivity and growth goals.
With the above in mind, it shouldn’t be lost on anyone that the reason that we are currently seeing massive layoffs is not due to poor innovation in companies but also lack of change agility to implement strategy.  So the question we need to ask ourselves is how we are managing talent for innovation and also how we are building change agility into our organisations.

Proposed Topical Areas will be on

  • Change Agility
  • Re-Skilling for Agility Excellence
  • Succession Planning : Inclusive of Talent mobili
  • Performance Enablement for Organizational Agility & Productivity:          
  • Attracting Talent: The Employer Value Proposition/Employer Branding
  • Intellectual Property in the HR space
  • Managing Talent for Innovation

To Book your slot;

Call - 0718 781513/0727 792122 ; Email - trainings@chrm.or.ke(Contact-Wairimu Waweru)

See you there! #Mombasatwasija

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